Highgrove living; kitchen renovation, the cabinets and appliances are in

Steve and Steve did a great job and installed all the kitchen cabinets. The appliances have also been put in place.

I am very happy we stayed within the same footprint, it has worked really well.

We chose pretty standard cabinets and appliances, it helps the budget and timing (availability and installation).

So the outline of the kitchen and laundry are there, and are ready for the final benchtop measurements to be taken on Monday.

It may not look very different, but moving the pantry from the corner to the position of the old fridge has freed up a lot of space around the cooktop.

After the benchtop delivery, which should be in 2-3 weeks, the plumber and electrician can come back and connect the appliances and taps.

And the last stage will be tiling of the splash backs. As we are having a gas cooktop, Queensland regulations call for a tiled backsplash. It is interesting to see different rules between states, and also how rules have changed over the years.

In the meantime Mike and I will grab our paint brushes again and start touching up the paintwork in the kitchen.

The Loft

And off course, we keep on living in the loft. The kitchenette is good enough for simple meals and heating things up. It gives us a chance on road testing this appartment. And Meisha definitely prefers to stay away from noisy builders.

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