Highgrove kitchen renovation, demo day!

Well, demo day is over and done with. Luckily not too many surprises!

Boyd’s Cabinetry are coordinating the work, and Steve arrived with his crew just after 7 am. The electrician and plumber arrive shortly after.

The demo work looked like synchronised swimming, without those silly pegs on their noses. All five men working smoothly around each other in the relatively small space that is our kitchen.

Electrician Nicol and builder Steve

The truck soon filled up with sections of travertine (mostly broken), cabinets, bits of wood, sinks and a possum nest.

Thankfully not too many surprises; the sink came out in several pieces and has obviously not been watertight for ages.

We will need a new connection for our gas bottles, and Mike was right (…) declaring the water heater beyond its prime. So our plumbing bill is going to be a bit higher, but we will then have an automatic switch on our gas bottles. No more pouring boiling water over the outside of the bottles to see how full they are. And just as I discovered what the little see through valve at the top was for (grey/green is still full, red/brown is empty!). No more “shower surprise”, and no more tedious pilot lights.


We did find a very cosy possum nest. When Mike blocked off a couple of holes he discovered in the floor underneath the kitchen cabinets last week, he effectively evicted our residential possum!

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