About Me

After dealing with a serious health scare in 2019, and becoming redundant in mid 2020, I felt like a new start in life. So I started my first blog, a travel blog documenting our three month journey to get back to Queensland, I called it “pandemicroadtrip”.

That trip was an amazing opportunity to discover parts of New South Wales that I otherwise would never have visited. I have since added other recent travels. road trips and city trips to the travel blog section.

We are now settled on the Queensland Sunshine Coast Hinterland, and each day I can’t believe I am actually living here. Our home renovations were featured in a couple of blogs, again, lessons learned and shared!

I have had a 30+ year career travelling the globe and have mentored and coached a large number of people. I thought it might be appreciated if I could share some of the most common topics, tips and hints. Many of these would fall under the header “things I would tell my younger self”. So I started a second blog which I have now merged into this one. Who knows what I feel like blogging about next eh?!

Drop me a line if you have any suggestions, thoughts or comments! pandemicroadtrip@gmail.com