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A Global Pandemic forces Early Retirement, but what do you do when the borders are closed and your have moved out of your home…. in our case, you start an Epic Roadtrip of NSW.

And, once you finally reach your destination, and you are not allowed to travel overseas, you start reminiscing about those trips you did in the “Before Time”.

This is a travel blog, with hints and tips from our own experience. We are not sponsored by anybody, but see different experiences as enrichments to life because they are different!

Janny and Mike

Hi there! We are two fifty-somethings from England and The Netherlands, who have lived in Europe, Asia, the USA and now call Australia home. We love travelling, exploring and living in new places.

Our Latest Blogs:

Highgrove Possum Living

We have both felt guilty after evicting our resident possum by removing its rather comfy dwelling from under our kitchen sink. Especially as the nights grew colder, and we had some serious unseasonable amounts of rain. We could hear our possum on the roof, and spot him on the powerlines across the road. Our neighbours … Continue reading Highgrove Possum Living

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