Highgrove Living; the not so sexy side of renovating

Not everything we are doing to our house is an obvious visible improvement. These are the things that are necessary from a safety or maintenance point of view.

Electrician Tony has chipped away at removing obsolete plugs and wires, moving the fuse box from within the (only) wardrobe and fixing up the outdoor electrics. We found inside extension boxes had been used outside and were full of water.

And we have replaced the outdoor lights with proper weather proof outdoor lights.

Mike turned carpenter assistant this week, digging out the galvanised steel posts of the deck to put concrete around their bases. This will make sure surface water runs around the posts, not touching them and hence reducing the risk of corrosion. Just in time, as we spotted the very first signs of rust on a couple of posts!

With the ground sloping at over 30 degrees, this was not an easy job. It looks great though and will protect our home for years to come.

A couple of weeks ago Mike headed up onto the roof. We had quite a bit of “roof furniture”; a satellite dish, an analogue and a digital antenna. As we get our tv via the internet, we could remove all of this steel happily. The roof looks a lot better now, and the nice clean lines are more visible.

Not sticking to the “working at heights” rules….

These are all things that are not obvious, but improve our life here!

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