Highgrove Living; introducing Meisha

Meet Meisha, our new Queen of Highgrove. This sprightly 17-ish year old joined our family two weeks ago, relocating from Brisbane to the country side.

Meisha is a rescue cat. Originally from Perth (WA), she is an unique mix of domestic shorthair with possibly some Burmese and Russian Blue or Chartreuse. There is definitely Royalty in her line!

She has approved the furniture, both sofas and both beds were found suitable for snoozes and naps.

For the full on sleep she prefers the bed used by the two humans that live here as well. Right in the middle is the best spot…

She has been busy during her first week, snoopervising the painting efforts in the loft bathroom.

The stuff may look like milk, but it smells odd and apparently is quite hard to get off your tootsies.

We are besotted with this lovely sweet lady, and hope she enjoys her retirement here!

Tip: instead of buying from a breeder, seriously consider adopting a (neutered) pet. They are great companions and deserve to live their life out in a loving environment.

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