Highgrove living; some useful renovation tips

As we continue to make this place our own, we made a number of discoveries.

1. Removing old paint from a metal object

This one is from a Facebook group for people who own Queenslanders (DIY Queenslander Renovations).

2. Cleaning the glass of our woodfire heater

My 84 year old mum told me about this one, how cool is that?!

Just use cold tea

3. Any small job will grow into a big job

And yes, this is one that we are re-discovering, after having owned a 100 year old cottage in the past.

In our 140 year old wood and weatherboard cottage, there are significant gaps between doors, windows and walls.

From the bedroom you can see out through the French doors to the garden. But you can also see through the gap between the french doors, and between those and the walls…. So I wanted to put in some insulation strips before the weather turned cold.

However, as I was cleaning the door frames I found remnants of silicone sealant which had to be removed first. And then I had to touch up the paint work. Which then had to dry before I could put on the insulation tape.

And that is how a job of a couple of minutes ended up taking three days…

We finished painting the last bit of the loft

We also managed to finish painting the loft. There was quite a bit of discussion on what to do with the bathroom; leave it as is, paint the beams white, or do it all…

Mike’s vote for “paint it all white” won, only after he agreed to do the walls under the bench. I didn’t realise he could fit in such a small place!

It does look very clean and fresh now!

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