Highgrove living – why you should alway change the locks

In the past, we used to change the locks on the day we moved into our new house.

Moving into the country we have been a little bit less careful. Our home came with three keys, one of which was kept in a plastic tupperware container under the front porch. Yes, we are now in the country side.

So we decided we needed some more keys cut. At Mitre 10 we were told that our keys were from a register and we had to contact the supplier.

So we did… it turns out that those keys were still registered to the one of the past owners. For ease he had used the same locks for his unit in Brisbane as well.

So we immediately contacted a local locksmith to change the locks! We can now rest at ease, knowing that we are the only ones with keys to our home! And we have an external keysafe for emergencies!

Tip: Always change the locks when you buy a new house!

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