Safety Tips for Women Travelling independently

I have traveled a lot. When on business I often travel alone.

When we started our Indian roadtrip, all women in our group got a small card from our Intrepid Tour Leader with some important safety advise:

  • travel in women’s carriages, or sit next to women on public transport
  • take somebody you know with you when leaving the compartment on overnight trains
  • explore in pairs or in a group
  • dress modestly, act confidently and say NO assertively
  • lock your door and report any suspicious behaviour at hotels
  • use taxis or rickshaws arranged through your hotel
  • always take a hotel business card with you when you go out

My personal tips to add to this:

  • before you travel, send yourself an email with scanned copies of your passport, visa, flight, itinerary and accomodation bookings, insurance details, anything that you might need access to while away
  • copy somebody who is your emergency contact back home on this email
  • always carry passports, medication and money in your hand luggage or on your body.
  • hotels often need your passport to check you in. Make sure you get it back before you leave!
  • I have a safepack handbag and backpack, both have RFID blocking, carry straps that cannot be cut and lockable zips.

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