Highgrove Living; the ultimate loft

When we moved here, we were impressed by the presence of a large studio loft above the car port. However, it’s decor imbibed the feeling of youth hostel dormitory crossed with a scandinavian sauna. Yes, that bad.

It had good bones though; a nice rectangular space, 7 x 5.8 metres in size, and it was fully self contained with its own entrance, bathroom and water heater. The roof slopes down creating an A frame.

We noticed that one of the roof support beams in the bathroom had been cut to instal a shower cubicle. Although not a problem yet, it was clear that some work had to be done. Also, there was no obvious sign of any water proofing in the bathroom area, with some water stains visible in the ceiling of the carport underneath.

We started off by painting the entire loft, the walls, roof and bathroom, keeping only the stairs as a wood feature. This brightened up the entire area, making it feel cleaner and less sauna-like.

The next job was demolishing the old bathroom and creating a support wall for the cut roof truss, which also doubled up as a sidewall to a new walk in shower.

We repositioned the toilet and put in a hanging vanity. We also added a couple of walls taking out some of the unusable space under the sloping roof. New floor tiles with wood effect completed the look.

As we were having the plumber and electrician in for the bathroom, we decided to add a small kitchenette. We got two base units, a counter top and a sink from Ikea. We used the same tile backsplash from our kitchen renovation, and a salvaged tap.

The final job was removal of the old dark brown carpet. We chose to replace it with vinyl floor planks, which are hard wearing, water resistant and pet friendly, easy to lay, and of a colour that complemented the tiles in the bath room.

I had help in laying the floors from my son and daughter-in-law as my husband had to have open heart surgery. And our carpenter neighbour Dave came to the rescue finishing off the skirting boards and fixing the sash windows

The end result looks great; a very practical space, which is welcoming to guests and visitors. Initially the plan is for it to be available for friends and family who want to be a bit more independent, or stay for longer, or want to take their furry friends with them. Our cat Meisha is a bit of a princess, and tends to not take kindly to having her space invaded.

I can however see a small business opportunity, renting this out on AirBnB, in the future.

2 thoughts on “Highgrove Living; the ultimate loft

  1. That looks fabulous Janny, 😊 all the hard work well worth it, and will be a great room for your quests . 🤗 hope Mike is recovering well xx

    Liked by 1 person

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