Highgrove Possum Living

We have both felt guilty after evicting our resident possum by removing its rather comfy dwelling from under our kitchen sink.

Especially as the nights grew colder, and we had some serious unseasonable amounts of rain. We could hear our possum on the roof, and spot him on the powerlines across the road. Our neighbours opposite mentioned that he/she/it had been looking for shelter under their house.

So I started googling the internet for possum boxes. Initially with the idea of making one. However, once I got across the “comfy creatures” website I decided to buy one instead.

They are a local company focusing on nesting boxes for local wildlife. Yes, keep on supporting small businesses everywhere!

It arrived yesterday, after an interesting detour via Charleville QLD,(seriously Australia Post? What were you thinking? The Post App showed the package heading from Burnside to Charleville and then back to Burnside).

Possum nesting box, ready to go up

The box came completely assembled, just need to hang it up using the provided metal straps and screws.

The box is of a solid construction, with thoughtful things like drainage holes for indoor toileting, and a small landing pad in front of the possum sized entrance hole.

Mike needed it to be perfectly level off-course, so the spirit level came out.

We decided to put it under our Queenslander, on a post below the kitchen, close to where we found him/her/it before. We also wanted to be close to where the original nest was, where we sealed the holes in the kitchen floor. Location, location, location!

Then there was the discussion on which way to face the entrance to the box. We assumed that the possum would be most appreciative with having an entrance away from the prevailing wind direction, and facing it slightly inwards for a more sheltered access.

That settled, it didn’t take long to put the box up. We used some longer screws in the end, and drilled holes in the post. This nesting box isn’t going anywhere!

Highgrove Possum Living

It looks great, we have provided our possum with upgraded facilities and hope that she/he/it will like it! Now it’s a matter of crossing fingers to see it in use!

I can highly recommend the nesting boxes from Comfy Creatures, great quality, value and service. And they provide nesting boxes for other Australian animals and birds as well.


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