Highgrove Living; Mike is in his happy place

Well, the bathrooms are nearly done. Just need to replace the bidet hose connector in the guest toilet, and if possible get those vanity drawers better aligned.

And finish painting… there always seems to be painting to be done. We both have a set of dedicated “painting clothes”.

We continued painting of the bathrooms today. Mike is doing the ceilings as he is definitely closer to those than I am. I am doing the trims, in oil based gloss. Nasty stuff to handle, but it looks so good!

Lord only knows when I can say that it is 100% done.

Mike is in his happy place though. We got fresh gravel on our driveway and now it really “crunches”…. According to Mike, his childhood view of wealth…

A fresh load of sandstone gravel

And we had our water pump replaced. Yes, Mike was right. It was so ancient the Pumphouse guys who came to change it out had a good laugh. And now we have gone from a loud clunking dinosaur of a pump to the soft Danish hummm of perfection.

Living (nearly) off grid teaches us very new ways to be grateful! Who would have thought a water pump would bring this much joy!

We have now changed out and updated the waterpump, water heater, gas bottle system, fuse box, lots of rewire-ring, the kitchen and two bathrooms since moving in early March.

And yet, we still have some way to go. We have just ordered the tiles and bathroom furniture for the loft studio. Staying up there for a month made us realise that there was no waterproofing in the bathroom, and that one of the roof support beams was cut to put the shower cubicle in. Right…

Graham starts on September 9th with the demo.

Once that is done we will replace the carpet in the loft and that should be it! 🤞🤞🤞🤞

In the meantime we have a months break from getting up at the crack of dawn to let tradesmen in. Just need to finish painting, but we can do that at least at our own pace a room at a time.

We might even get some gardening done, watch this space.

One thought on “Highgrove Living; Mike is in his happy place

  1. Hi Janny.. great to see Mike is recovered and that your new ‘old” home is coming together nicely.. looks lovely. So sorry to hear about your dad. We were coming over for new year and would have dropped in.. but sadly that will be delayed now to at least Feb.. else cannot get back into WA. Merry Xmas to you both. Simon & Carolyn


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