Highgrove living – a bit of paint can make a huge difference

One of the big projects I put on my own “to do” list as we made an offer on our house was the studio loft.

We have a carport with a generous sized 40 m2 loft area above it. It has its own bathroom, is airconditioned and perfectly suitable for guest who want more privacy or who are staying longer.

It looked dark and dated, with pine panelling and blue beams. The bones were good, but didn’t really show.


So, 25 litres of Taubmans easy coat paint later (yes, it needed 3 coats!!!) and it looks very different.


To finish it off there will be a small kitchenette in the area under and to the right of the tv, with a small bar (wine?) fridge and microwave.

The divide between the sleeping and sitting area are two wooden coatracks / shoeracks that were there already. I just moved them, and painted the backs white.

Material used: 25 litres of paint, several brushes and a roller, drop sheets, paint stirrer, rags, paint tray, stick with brush and roller attachment for the very high bits and above the stairs, sugar soap, sand paper, cloth and blue masking tape.

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