Moving house, setting up a new routine

While living in Sydney we had developed a nice daily routine to keep us sane during the Covid lockdown. After getting up every morning we did some exercise, had breakfast together watching the harbour, and then we would head out for some fresh air. First a coffee at Barcycle or Zupano, and then a walk to the Harbour Bridge, The Opera House or Wendy’s Secret Garden. A nice stroll to get some fresh air, and vitamin D inside us. Good for our bodies and our mental health.

It has also been a great way to meet our neighbours, bumping into the same people you end up saying hi! and take it from there, even in a big city like Sydney!

Tip: Moving always upsets the routine, something your body will crave. So this week we have been working on getting back into setting up a new routine.

We are enjoying our morning exercise on the deck. Where the background sounds of Sydney were masonry drills and jack hammers, the sounds of the country are birds, chickens, donkeys, mowers and hedge trimmers.

We then have our breakfast together on the deck, still on the same little red bistro set, but this time with view over the fields, hills and the lake, rather than Sydney Harbour.

Our coffee spots are in town, so we walk the two kilometres into Montville. The nearest we get to the Harbour Bridge is a painted water tank. Well, it IS something involving water. … and instead of wedding parties and groups of tourists blocking our path we get chased by the local family of quails that like to think they own the road!

There are a couple of coffee places in town and we rotate between them.

Little May probably has the best coffee, but is closed a couple of days during the week. Mountain Bean is reliable in both quality and service, and Mayfields has that amazing view with good coffee and very nice light lunches (and pastries and chocolates!).

All in all we get some fresh air and have time to talk together without diversion or interruptions before tackling the rest of the day.

Tip: a daily walk together is a great way to stay connected, stay fit, and stay sane.

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