The seven odd things we found really handy on our 2020 roadtrip

We have been on the road for two months, travelling around the state of NSW until the borders opened up again. There are a number of items that have proved invaluable, in addition to our clothes and our camping gear.

I thought I would share them with you.

1. A small coolbox with a gel ice pack. This one is just large enough to contain a pack of almond milk, some cheeses and meat and a salad. Easy to carry, perfect for a picnic lunch or for taking your perishables from AirBnB to AirBnB, or motel to motel. We found this one and the gel pack in Woolworths supermarket.
2. A power board / power strip to enable us to power all out devices in one place. We use one with a surge protector.
3. A light sensor nightlight, for finding our way around at night in a strange place.
4. Some microwave bowls, to easily heat up soup, porridge etc when you are staying anywhere with a microwave. Our simple go-to breakfast is porridge with milk and berries or jam. These were from the Woolworths supermarket.
5. A small insulated and unbreakable French Press Cafetiere. We have tried the coffee pods / bags and other options, but have settled on this as an acceptable alternative to a barista coffee. This one was from Kmart and holds three cups.
6. A small plastic clothes hanger, for quickly drying socks and underwear and masks. I got this one from Big W.
7. Not the kitchen sink, but a universal sink plug. For shaving, washing dishes and doing some quick laundry in a basin. We got this one together with a laundry bag, clothes line and laundry soap from Kathmandu.

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