Slowing Down in Bega

7 September

Odometer: 787 km

We have spent the weekend in Bega, heart of the Bega Valley Dairy Country. The cows, the rolling fields, brings out the Dairy Farmers daughter in me. Seeing a ute in the Woolies (supermarket) carpark with a hay bale in its tray just confirms that we are in the countryside now.

We are staying in a historical cottage, built in the 1890s. The town is full of large lots with large gardens and many original 19th and 20th century cottages and houses. Bega slows down on Saturdays, and Sundays are for relaxing at home as many places are shut, definitely a slower pace of life!

The cottage is lovingly restored, it feels like we are in somebody’s home. It has the compulsory sloping floor that goes with all cottages of this era, a great fireplace in the living room, and is packed with books and DVD’s (yes Mike did not believe there could be a “Best of River Dance Collection”…).

With the large garden, a tree begging to be climbed (yes, I tried…), a large Hills Hoist for our laundry, one can easily spend days here, relaxing, away from the world!

And, although we did our best to go sightseeing, apparently the world has decided that we should just relax and stroll around town. The famous “Bega Cheese Heritage Centre” has been closed due to the pandemic, and so are a number of other places in town. So, we relax, do our daily walks along the river and town, getting our 10,000 steps in, and enjoy life in this beautiful part of the world.

  • Best Coffee: Nook (just of Carp Street, in a small arcade)
  • Best Lunch: Evolve cafe (note; on Sunday’s they just serve coffee and baked goods as the kitchen is closed, but they ARE open!)
  • Accomodation: Air BnB “Historic and Quaint cottage” on 65 Carp Street

5 thoughts on “Slowing Down in Bega

  1. Stunning part of Australia. I die a little as I read your updates from my sterile, enclosed workstation illuminated with a florescent lamp. But at least it is 31C today in Adelaide. Spring has sprung ! So, did you try the cheese ?

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    1. The cheese centre was closed 😷. I had looked forward to tasting all varieties, not just the ones you get at Coles and Woolies… ☹️


    1. Thanks! I am using an iPhone 7plus.

      Yes, we are hugging the border, I’ve been warned we will even go through a checkpoint tomorrow 😳 but are staying in NSW 🤞


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