About Us

When the Covid-19 economic turmoil made me redundant, we decided to try out early retirement. We are both in our 50’s and have lived in Europe, Asia, USA and Australia. We love travelling, experiencing new places.

Retirement didn’t quite start as planned, with both state and international border closures, we were forced into a road trip of unknown length after moving out of our Sydney home.

We finally made it into Queensland, after more than two months on the road and discovering a large number of gems in NSW.

As we make this our new home, and as the country is still in lockdown, I thought it would be nice to relive some of our other trips. I tend to take notes while travelling, to add to a photo album of the trip (sometimes these get done years, yes years later!).

Starting with our 2018 roadtrip of Ethiopia (yes, the road less travelled), and continuing with our 2019 trip of Rajasthan. And if there is interest I may add our Peru and Middle Eastern road trip. Let me know how if you are interested!